What can be an extreme scenario that will convince you of spying over your employees? Or is it fair to not wait for an extreme event to take this decision? Sometimes, your employees take the job for granted and they spend all of the time-wasting on other social media apps. So, it is necessary to monitor their activities and knowing if they are utilizing all the resources properly. Here comes the situation when most multi-national companies prefer windows spy app to keep a check on their employees.

You may think of it as an absurd idea. Then the emerging culture of promoting bondage and trust among the employers and employees doesn’t support such ideas. However, it is important at times. Freelancing culture is also expanding, many of your employees will demand to work from home. So, giving them a system away to work at their own pace and in comfort, but they might be backstabbing you. So, these monitoring apps help you in spying their skype, emails and even know the location through the devices.

The windows spy app can help you with all kinds of monitoring. The question is how?

How is TheOneSpy Helping Companies?

We understand that parental control is the famous and most popular reason for monitoring apps. But who said that only parents get worried. Employers are also draining themselves with stress knowing they have someone in the company that is passing information to the rivalry. So, a business may seem easy from a certain distance, it has its issues.

If you want to deal with this scenario, you know you need the app or software from TheOneSpy. It has multiple and amazing features to cater to all of your needs regarding the monitoring of employees.

Track the Location

The culture of working from home or other places is rapidly increasing. Many employees prefer working from some other place, and they demand this in the initial stages of work. Since you are also supporting the idea of global diversity and connection, you may still need to set some boundaries. But it is hard to trust employees especially when you are giving away your resources to help them work as per their wish. So, in this case, you will always need to track their location too. You need to know if they are on the premises or not.

As we all know that taking away the resources of the office even the laptop out of the mentioned region is not allowed. So, it is important for people

Access the Hidden Folders

With the help of TheOneSpy spy app for cell phone, you can even access the hidden folders in the system. Usually, employees try to hide behind the secret folders. But with the app, it is not possible. They cannot hide their intentions and not even data. So, use the app, and you have access to all the folders of the system without them knowing. So, as an employer, you have nothing to fear when it comes to the employees’ betrayal.

How to initiate with window spy software

Spy on the Skype

Skype is the main and official business app, so most professional conversations are held on this platform. TheOneSpy provides accurate information including conversations and media files shared through the platform. It also includes the timestamp of the conversation. So, spying on the skype can be your biggest advantage for you.

Block Social Media Sites

If you are afraid that your employees might be wasting their office time in using social media apps. So, you can block the websites by using TheOneSpy or if you want to spy on them. Well, this can be unethical, your purpose is to make them work in office hours instead of using social media.

Browsing History

Do they know to clear the history? You can get the report of a complete browsing history. Access the complete browsing history, and you will always be aware of their searching habits and ensure if they are not trying to betray you on any matter.


If you have any trust issues with your new employees, the best is only to use the windows spy app and you can always ensure the information of the company by doing it.

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