There has always been a significant amount of debate around supplements and whether they actually make a difference, the way manufacturers claim they do. However, there is one such supplement that stands out in the face of its competition.

Gathering a fast-growing loyal consumer base with minimal advertising and not too much information, the manufacturers behind VitaPulse have proven that credibility comes from consistency and quality and not by barraging consumers with information.

The Wonder Supplement

Promoted by Princeton Nutrition (based out of California), this product is a blend of antioxidants designed to have a powerful effect on every cell in your body and offer resistance against different types of infections.

In this world of duplicates and scams, you would be forgiven for passing this one off as a scam. But its legitimacy is derived from its loyal network of customers who swear by this product. The information for this product is in the form of customer testimonials/reviews describing the positive effects this supplement has had on their lives.

Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have the right representation for their products and one can say that they have chosen to take the ethical route by not resorting to making unsubstantiated claims but instead focusing on customer experiences and relying on the most traditional form of advertising which also happens to be the most reliable- Word of Mouth.

Although this does speak volumes of the trust placed in their products, it fails to build confidence in the skeptics who are looking for authentication in terms of details of manufacturing, necessary approvals and standard practices. They do mention that they follow ethical practices for manufacturing and testing by a third party lab so one will have to make do with that information for now.

How do we know it works?

Customer testimonials have repeatedly talked about how it benefits the heart by acting on the entire cardiovascular system and the effects have been validated by medical professionals. Many clients have noticed improvement in their heart activity within a few weeks of regular usage. The benefits however have extended to customers stating how the product has improved their mood and drastically increased their energy levels, increasing their productivity levels and ability to exercise longer.

There are some who have claimed that it has improved the quality of their sleep which obviously means that it has a powerful impact on brain activity. These are however, still considered as the short-term effects of antioxidants and in the long run can protect one from more serious infections like Cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and other heart diseases.

Although antioxidants have been known to take time before showing results, some users of VitaPulse have spoken of positive changes in a span of a few weeks, although this has not been common. In order to witness the desired results, a regular dosage is a must which can be ingested with the first meal of your day, preferably in the morning. It is advisable to rely on your doctor’s discretion when it comes to dosage.

What’s in it?

The official website displays the label so we know what it contains. The ingredients are completely vegetarian including the capsule shells, which make it ideal for any diet. It works on three ingredients namely, coenzyme Q10, NAC and PQQ, all three being super-oxidants.

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the best known antioxidants and is present in supplements to beauty products. It also happens to be naturally present in all cells of our body with its primary function being to provide energy. It also assists digestion and protects the heart and muscles, being commonly used as a treatment for cardiovascular infections.

NAC abbreviates to N-acetyl cystiene, derived from an amino acid. Apart from performing similar functions as other anti-oxidants it is also used to treat mental affections including bipolar disorder. This is why users usually associate good moods and uplifted spirits to this product.

PQQ or pyrroloquinoline quinone is perhaps the most powerful of the three with the ability to increase the number of mitochondria. Some cells have it and some don’t but these tiny structures are primarily responsible for the health and lifespan of most cells.

Is it safe?

It is very safe expect producing a few side effects like digestive disorders in some users. Since this is a powerful supplement, one should immediately get themselves checked out if irregular symptoms occur. People suffering from serious health conditions should consult their doctor before prescribing to this. A healthy individual should only experience the positive effects of this supplement.

To sum it up, VitaPulse might just be the best supplement out there. If you’re interested in trying it out, Princeton Nutrients offers a variety of packages on their website, and as far as customer service is concerned, they have a full-refund policy. VitaPulse can also be purchased through Amazon, and their pricing is similar to that of Princeton Nutrients.

Other Reviews on Vitapulse

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