If you want to prepare a good dinner, you cannot avoid having the best chef’s knife. Its importance in preparing food cannot be ignored. Since it’s the knife that you will use for almost everything, it’s very important to buy the best. From cutting meat to slicing zucchini, the chef knife can be used to perform a number of tasks. It’s, therefore, not strange to see it being replaced every now and again while other knives remain in the same condition for long. Although the common knives are 6-10 inches, many other models come in different shapes and sizes. Here are some of the best chef’s knives

  1. Wustof Classic Chef Knife

If you are used to western knives, you will love the classic German knife. If you can afford it, this is not only the best chef knife (For more http://www.gadgetreview.com/best-chef-knife) but also the most top rated in the world. When it comes to slicing small ingredients, having a good balance is very important hence this knife is ideal for such kind of jobs. Since it does not exert a lot of weight on your wrist, you will not get tired fast while using it. It’s, therefore, suitable for a professional chef cook who normally prepares a lot of food. However, just like every other knife, it’s important to keep it clean and sharp so as to prevent any scratches from developing. Its only downside is the price.

  1. Victorinox 40520 chef knife

If you are on a tight budget, this is the ideal knife for you. Since it’s stamped, you will not need to sharpen or maintain it for some time. Because they are light in weight, most cooks also prefer them to other knives. While it’s light in weight, this knife is a hardy and a heavy duty knife that come with one of the best handles. Its 6 inch blade has 2 inch width making it easy to handle and move around while using it. Since it’s expensive, it has a surprising life warranty that comes with it.

  1. The Shun Classic Chef’s Knife

Also called the Best Japanese chef knife, this is one of the best chef’s knives currently found in the market. If you love slicing thin pieces, this best chef knife will definitely do the job in an excellent way. In fact, if you are a sharpness snob there is no doubt that you will love this knife. The Damascus layer on the steel also gives it a beautiful finish. It has a hard VG-10 Japanese Steel that makes it the best choice for cutting poultry and meat. This amazing knife can stay sharp for some time as long as you do not use it for the wrong tasks such as chopping through the bones or prying. This is because it has a thin tip that can easily break

  1. Henckels Twin Four Star Chef Knife

Also termed as the best value knife, this is one of the best knives for any cook who loves German knives. It comes when it’s already sharp and it can stay that way as long as you take good care of it. This is different as compared to other knives that require sharpening every now and again. Henckels Twin Four Star Chef Knife has a handle that is not only unique but also non slip and well designed. This means the moment you see it you will either fall in love with it or rejects it. It’s typically designed in such a way that it’s a balanced knife. Apart from being easy to wield, it’s also a good tool to use. The good thing is that it’s quite affordable as compared to other knives in the market. In fact, it’s the best chef knife.

Wrap up

Those are some of the best chef’s knives in the market. The first thing to consider when looking for the best knife is one that feels graceful and comfortable in your hands. You also need to talk to someone and feel if the knife is the best for the kind of work you are buying it for. Always have an open mind while shopping and remember that there are many knives with different features. In addition, you should also ask if you can return it if you feel that it’s not the best. Above all, if you take your time and search well, you will definitely get the best chef knife.

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