Strange as it may sound, the decision to buy a new bag can be quite a tough challenge for most women. A survey of 2000 participants revealed that purchasing a bag was perhaps the most rewarding buying experiences for women. At the same time, this can also be the toughest choice for her. You will often find that the shiny new purse you bought at the neighborhood mall is not large enough to accommodate your bulging wallet, let alone fit in an umbrella for emergency.

So, buying a new handbag is a decision that needs to be taken after a lot of deliberation and consideration. Life Is Good coupon codes can offer you duffel bags, tote bags, pouches and backpacks for very low rates. The perfect bag is one that can not only accommodate everything you need, but also the outfits you wear.

Below mention are the things to consider while Purchasing a Bag

Size and Shape Matters:

One of the first things that you need to check for is the size of the purse. It should be able to fit in all the things that you carry with you at all times, like your wallet, makeup kit, home and car keys, sunglasses, etc. Trying out a bag is as important as trying out a pair of jeans before you buy them. You need to see if it goes well with your wardrobe and also your body shape; because not every bag will look good on you.


It is necessary to buy a bag that has a proper design, with multiple compartments. This will ensure that you do not have to keep rummaging

through the purse every time to get what you want, whether it’s your phone or car keys.


When you buy a bag, you must consider the kind of material it is made of; for instance, a cloth bag will get dirty easily while a leather one can get stained easily.

Go Bold:

It often pays to go bold when you are buying a purse. While black is always a safe color for a handbag, you can always consider other options like metallic tones, navy or grey shades. You should be wary of white and cream tones as these are hard to maintain.

Beware of Fakes:

There are hundreds of fakes and lookalikes in the market and they may appear to be very profitable when you buy them at first, but soon enough you can make out the difference. So, if you find that you are getting a designer bag for throwaway prices, you can be sure it is not authentic.

Opt for Outlet Stores:

Most bag designers will have their own website so that buyers can browse through the products. When you find that the prices are a bit too steep, you can always check out at their outlet stores.

Get the “It” Bag:

It always helps to stay in tune with the latest trends in fashion and making a big investment on a designer bag today can be worthwhile because designer styles keeping coming back from time to time.

Purchasing a Bag

Work Bag:

When you want to buy one for the workplace you need to choose a bag depending on how formal the work atmosphere is. While structured tote bag is most preferred, backpacks and cross body bags are also popular.


Obviously the biggest consideration when you purchase a bag is the price. You will be prepared to pay more for a purse that you are sure you can carry for longer.

Final Words

Finally, another key consideration when purchasing a bag is the purpose for it. You must choose a bag depending on how and where you will use it; there are events where you need to carry something small like a clutch or tote bag, while there are occasions when you must carry a larger handbag. So what you are you waiting for? Get those coupons from Don’tPayAll and shop the bag you wanted to buy.

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