There are two things that my housemate and I are completely obsessed with: our morning health smoothies and hosting brunches and cocktail parties at our apartment. Recently, our ancient old faithful blender heaved its last breath in the middle of my smoothie preparation and we had to begin looking for an urgent replacement. I heard from a friend that there are some blenders that can multi task as a juicer, smoothie, and frozen drinks maker. This sounded like one hell of a deal! The thought of being able to make our glorious smoothies with the same gadget that we would make frozen cocktails for my guests: we would be the talk of the block! I looked at a variety of blenders out there and found the best blenders at different price points to suit your budget.

 Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender ($18-$20)

This blender is ideal for those busy bees who want to grab a quick smoothie for the road. It is compact and holds a capacity of 14 oz. After blending your drink, simply lift the jar from the base and it becomes a mug that you can carry on the go. It has stainless steel blades; is light in weight (about 2.1 pounds), and reduces the amount of cleaning up you have to do. This blender is suitable for making smoothies and frozen drinks.

KitchenAidKHB1231CU Hand Blender ($35-$40)

This gadget has 2 different blending speeds depending on how smooth you want your drink. So whether you want to simply chop up tomatoes, blend baby food, soups or smoothies, this is a good bet for you. It has an S shaped removable 8” stainless steel blade that is easy to clean. It has a soft grip that is non-slip to give maximum support and comfort while blending and has a rainbow of colors for you to choose from.

BELLA Rocket Blender ($20-$25)

If you’re looking for a smoothie blender that has significant power, this blender gives you bang for your buck. For its price, this is one of the best blenders you can pick because of its dual-blade function, three blending cups (for different serving sizes) and two storage lids. Its lid comes with two lip rings that are excellent for preventing leaks and can also be used to make spices and comes with a shaker lid as well! Isn’t that the height of convenience?

Nutri Ninja Pro Blender, BL456 ($60-$80)

The best feature of this blender is its Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction that extracts hidden nutrients from fruit and veg. This blender has a power of 900 Watts which enables it to breakdown fruits and veg into smooth pastes and drinks that have an even consistency. The blending jar works as a drinking cup as well. This blender can crush ice, break down seeds and stems with ease. With this gadget, you can enjoy a quick smoothie of your choice or a stiff apple margarita cocktail in a jiffy.

NutriBulletHigh-Speed Blender/Mixer System ($90-$110)

This gadget has made it to the list of best blenders because it is so easy to use, safe for kids and effortlessly pulverizes a variety of ingredients to make smooth and evenly consistent drinks and shakes. It’s the top secret feature that makes it stand out above the rest is its unique extractor technology which uses a cyclonic motion, powered by 600 Watts and special extractor blades. This blender can crush ice, burst open seeds, shred skin and grind stems, therefore, you can get all the nutrients out of all parts of your fruit and veg. all you have to do is press blend, take your mug, drink away and let your digestive enzymes do the rest.

Margaritaville Tahiti Frozen Concoction Maker, DM3000 ($500)

This blender is one of the higher end blenders on the market. It is equipped with three 24 ounce blending jars that can simultaneously make frozen drinks in one cycle! It has a rotating ice chute at the top that is so cool to watch while you blend. It is made of quality bamboo, aluminum finishes, and stainless steel accents to give it a sophisticated look. Its superior stainless steel blades allow you to make limitless types of smoothies and juices over 6 types of frozen drinks including daiquiris, coladas, and mojitos. Totally worth its price, if you ask me!

These are the best blenders that I found. In case you were wondering, my housemate and I just ordered the NutriBullet High-Speed Blender because…well ….we were sold on the nutrient extractor technology obviously! Let’s see how this works out.

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