Why is it important to maintain a healthy body weight? Over the years, research has shown persons with obesity or overweight are prone to complications ranging from diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, heart attacks among others. Maintaining a healthy weight not only increases your agility but also your fitness and how you feel about yourself. That’s why it is important to maintain a healthy body weight.

When it comes to weight loss, the journey isn’t easy and it always calls for dedication and hard work. However, Rebel Wilson proved to the world that weight loss is an achievable goal as long as you are determined. Her fitness journey started in 2016 and so far she has made brilliant progress. The aim of this text is to present you with info which you can incorporate in your life for the greater good towards helping you loss weight or maintain a healthy one.

Take healthy snacks

Developing a healthy body weight does not really imply you starve yourself to death. The aim of the journey is to help you develop both internal and external aspects of a strong and healthy body and personality. To lose weight, one has to do away with high-fat unhealthy snacks. If you really like having some, including the following in your diet is a great step towards helping you achieve your goals:

  1. A handful of almonds, cashew nuts without forgetting Brazil nuts. 
  2. Almond butter, carrots and Celery 
  3. Chicken breast with guacamole and olive oil.

The snacks may seem very basic but the can help you lose up to thirty pounds in the initial steps.

In the Rebel Wilson Weight loss journey, Rebel indicates in the text that these snacks are good for anyone intending to develop a healthy body weight.

Workout Plan

Having a healthy diet is not all that it takes to hit the target. Regular workouts are a necessity as it helps to keep the fat from clinging back to the body. Outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking trips and sports such as tennis and football are great exercises as well. On the same note, if one is not participating in outdoor expeditions, hitting the gym 3-4 days in a week for at least thirty minutes will help shed off unimaginable amounts of fats.

The main trick is to burn calories that you have consumed by keeping your body active. The main issue is to stay motivated!

Make Water Your Close Companion

Taking a bottle of water with you whenever you go out is important as it will help keep your body hydrated. Additionally, the brain may misread the thirsty signal as hunger. Eventually what you end up doing is taking in unnecessary food which is converted into fats. Drinking a cup or two of water every hour will help reduce the amount of calories consumed.

Consume Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are great sources of important vitamins, plant chemicals and minerals. Their high level of fiber makes them the best dietary supplement for people intending to lose weight. The plant chemicals present in fruits and vegetables help protect one from diseases, hair loss and inflammation which is important for the general well-being of the body.


The idea of losing weight quickly can be quite tempting but your appetite can be the major obstacle. However, thanks to Phentermine medication which decreases one’s appetite by making them feel full for a longer period hence skip unnecessary meals. It is important to note that phentermine like any other prescribed drug is intended to be used as part of the overall plan. It is best for people who have failed to lose weight by exercise and diet alone.

Be Confident

The greatest source of energy and motivation for whatever you want to do is self-confidence and high self-esteem. Many people tend to think confidence comes with how one is dressed or the social status. When you do the right thing and stop taking yourself for granted, you will have high self-esteem which will eventually boost your self-confidence. When one loves his or her body, they take care of each inch that they have and aim at improving on areas that need improvement. Boosting self-confidence can also be achieved through;

  1. Taking frequent trips
  2. Learning something new
  3. Eating healthily
  4. Grooming oneself well
  5. Having adequate sleep

Adhere To The Plan

This is the most challenging part of the whole journey towards achieving fitness. One should keep reminding him or herself the sole purpose of the project. When it comes to workouts, one should learn to be punctual and this can be encouraged by inviting friends over which can make the exercise a memorable experience and give you the urge to do more. Additionally, one should resist taking unplanned meals so as to avoid unsettling the development in progress within your body.

Here are ways to keep yourself going

  • Take baby steps

Over doing something will leave you discouraged. Take small portions and increase them as you get used to it. The point is, do not compare yourself to other people but be yourself and appreciate the progress you have made.

Mix up different workouts. This will help keep things interesting and shake off the spirit of boredom.

  • Keep it real

Ambitious expectations are not good for any fitness program. Aiming to lose 30 pounds (ca. 14 kg) in a week is not realistic. It will only leave you frustrated and you may end up giving up.

  • Bring in a training coach

A professional drill personnel will help you do the workouts the right way and may act as a source of encouragement as well. The motivation will keep you going for long.

Bottom Line

Anyone can lose weight as long as they are determined. Listening to inner self instead of what people tell you can achieve or not is the sole source of energy to keep you going. In case you are still finding it hard to lose weight, taking a look back on your plan may help identify something you are doing wrong. If need be, consult a professional trainer or a doctor to help you out. If Rebel Wilson has made such great steps, surely you too can. Just remember it is not tomorrow, it is now!

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