The era of technology has introduced a wide variety of electronic appliances and equipment simply for the purpose of making life easy. Out of the many gadgets birthed in this era, kitchen appliances have been declared as the most helpful within homes. What would have taken you hours in preparation now only takes a few minutes hence saving on time and energy. Blenders are a must have appliance for modern homes. Its versatility can come in handy in chopping, whipping, pureeing and blending both fruits and vegetables.

Although this is very attractive for anyone who likes spending time in the kitchen, going into your local appliance store and grabbing the first blender in sight just won’t do. There is a wide variety of blenders in market today. They all differ from each other and are designed for different purposes and setting. This is the reason as to why you need to equip yourself with information before heading to the till with just any blender that was within arms reach. Here are a few factors to consider when shopping for a blender;

1. Use for Blender

If you are in search of a blender especially for making smoothies, go for the Dash Chef Series Premium Digital Blender. Compared to all the other best blenders in the top 10 list, it has a 95% satisfaction rate. The Vitamix CIA 1363 is also an ideal choice in this case with a 95% score as well. If you need to make an iced beverage, you’ll need a blender that won’t cave in to the pressure. In this case, you’d find favor in the Ninja Professional NJ600 blender as it has powerful blades and a 100% satisfaction rate in ice crushing. For soups, you might need to grab the Vitamax CIA 1363 and the Vitamax 5200.

2. Watts

Out of the 10 top best blenders reviewed, the Blendtec Classic 560 has the highest watts capacity at 1560 watts while the magic bullet MBR 1701 has the lowest at 250 watts. If you need a blender with the most speed levels, consider the Vitamix CIA and the Vitamix 5200 which both have 10 speed levels. The magic bullet and the Nutribullet both have the lowest with only one speed level.

3. Noise Level

Peace and quiet is golden especially in homes with little children, the invalid and the elderly. The noise created by blenders is as a result of the process of crushing food and also the running of the motor. However, some blenders are designed to with low noise levels in terms of decibels. The best choice in this case is the KitchenAid 5 Speed Diamond Blender with only 71 decibels. The Blentec Classic 560 is the noisiest at 97 decibels.

4. Ease of Storage 

You definitely want a blender that will fit in your kitchen cabinets for storage as opposed to a large one that can only sit on the kitchen counter even when not in use. This is a factor that is determined by the height of both the jar and base. Both the vitamix CIA and the Vitamix 5200 have the tallest jars measuring 20.5 inches from top to bottom. The magic bullet is the shortest at just 10.5 inches.

5. Quantity

If you are looking for a blender that will enable you to produce large quantities of soups, purees and drinks then you’ll need to consider the depth of the jar. Among the top 10 best blenders featured in this review, the Dash Chef is the deepest at 8.98 inches. The Vitamix CIA and the Vitamix 5200 follows closely at 8.75 inches deep.

The Dash Chef Series Premium Digital Blender is ranked top because of all the superior qualities that it has over the rest. Some of the unique superior qualities that it has over the rest include; flat controls, a cold wrap, a non slip base and most importantly, it is dishwasher safe. All of these qualities are absent in the other 9 blenders in this review. It also has the largest jar capacity at 67 ounces. This makes it an ideal choice for commercial use. It is also the only blender that can withstand high temperatures hence ideal for soup purees. It can withstand temperatures of up to 155 Fahrenheit. A combination of all its features clearly proves that this is an ideal appliance for both commercial and domestic use.

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