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Telltale Signs That You Need More Probiotics in Your Diet

Let’s learn about Advanced probiotics

Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts that are good for our health especially your digestive system. It is a common misunderstanding that all bacteria are bad but it’s about time that we found out that bacteria can both be good and bad. Our bodies are actually full of bacteria; both good and bad. The good bacteria in our bodies are known as the probiotics since they keep our guts healthy. If you are wondering where to get these probiotics you should know that they naturally occur in our bodies and can also be found in some food and supplements. 

Having adequate amounts of probiotics comes with its advantages that include: improved food digestion, increased immunity against diseases and infections, and you end up having the healthiest looking skin. It is however sad that most people do not obtain probiotics from the foods they consume and a greater number do not even realize that they are probiotic deficient.

Probiotics in Your Diet

The lactobacillus acidophilus is one example of the advanced probiotics and its found in yoghurt while Escherichia coli is a harmful bacteria that if it overgrows in our gastrointestinal tract it causes illnesses. Probiotics can be found in foods that are fermented, fresh fruits, tea and in vegetables too. 

For you to realize that you are probiotic defiant these are the signs you would be looking for:

1. Undesirable gain in weight

Weight gain is a common issue in our day to day experiences. People with a probiotic deficiency often struggle to lose weight unlike those with a sufficient amount of good bacteria. From a number of studies carried out it was determined that probiotics greatly reduce storage of fats thus aiding in efforts to manage weight. Also, consumption of lactobacillus gasseri at small doses causes a reduction in fats around the belly regions. When obese people use pobiotic formulation they achieve the desired weight loss.

2. Skin complications

Probiotics aid in achieving skin that is clear and beautiful. From studies l. reuteri was found to prevent acne lesions. The l. reuteri advanced probiotics controls growth of bacteria that causes growth of acne inflammation. 

When women are pregnant with high risk infants it was discovered that supplements of maternal probiotics highly reduced the risk of developing skin issues to these infants. These issues include eczema.

3. Stomach related issues

Quite a number of people get stomach irregularities and how severe these problems become always vary from one person to the next. Bifidobacterium and lactobacillium advanced probiotics were seen to reduce these numbers in adults.

In other studies, patients that consumed placedo and those who took supplements of probiotics were compared and they found out that patients that took the supplements observed improved intestinal-transit-time.

4. Lowered immunity

Our gastrointestinal tracts have a micro-bacterial lining. When we have a deficiency in probiotics the tracts tend to inflame and this makes it almost impossible for our bodies to fight off infections that are common.

According to studies conducted, people that consume lactobacillus plantarum and lactosbacillus paracesei have less risk of contracting common cold.

It should also be known that probiotics are really important to our athletes in terms of improving their immunity. Treatment with probiotics actually ups resistance to respiratory tract infections in male rugby players.

5. Imbalances in mood and mental focus

The micro biomes are known to influence our moods, memory and also ou cognitive functions. Consumption of probiotic formulas tends to give positive effects to our moods and also tend to improve memory and concentration.